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Event Calendar

  • 27 - 29 November 2019

    1st Regional Earthquake Workshop

    This workshop will be organized by geology and geophysical Institutes of five states, around Iğdır and Mt. Great Agri Volcano. This event will be a discussion meeting particularly...

  • 09 - 11 October 2019

    1st Workshop on Landslides

    Major mass movements took place during historical periods were dominantly caused by seismo-volcanic activities in the region covering eastern Turkey and NW Iran. This workshop will...

  • This event is the First International Conference to be held on Geology of the Great Agri (Ararat) Volcano and adjacent territories covering a wide region comprising o...

Invited Speakers

Prof. Dr. Amera I. HUSSAIN

Dept. Geology. Tikrit University
Tikrit, Iraq

Prof. Dr. Avtandil Okrostsvaridze

Dept. Geology . Ilia State University
Tbilisi, Georgia

Prof. Dr. Boyko Ranguelov

Mining and Geology University
Sofia, Bulgaria

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim GULIYEV

Deputy President. National Acad. Science
Baku, Azerbaycan

Prof. Dr. Mehdi ZARE

Deputy Director, Inst. Institute Earthquake Eng. & Seismology . IIEES
Tarhan, Iran

Prof. Dr. Nazim BABABEYLI

Nahcevan University
Nahcevan, Azerbaycan

Prof. Dr. Tamaz CHELIDZE

Director, Institute Geophysics, National Acad. Sci.
Tbilisi, Georgia

Dr. Mahnaz Rezaeian

IASBS. Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences.
Zancan, Iran

Dr. Yeganeh Moghaddem

Firdevs University
Meshed, Iran


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